We are proud of our work with a diverse range of clients. Due to privacy, security, and proprietary concerns we do not publicly post our client list. References are available upon request.

Here are some client stories…

“Joe” contacted us and had a long list of requests for a website that had some significant problems. The site was created by a developer that had fallen out of favor or disappeared (not sure which) and the owner was an irrepressible bundle of energy that had added functions and applications to the site with wild abandon. He began to realize that he was in over his head.

While the site held amazing potential as a niche community portal for a sport with growing popularity it was collapsing under its own weight.

PhillyTechGuy worked with Joe, made some painful but important recommendations, and began to slowly work with Joe to revamp some core community functions of the website. The end of the story is that this site now sits in the top five of Google searches in its niche market, in spite of not a single dime spent on GoogleAds. The site now runs smoothly and has a sustainable model for continued growth and development.

“Randy Realtor” owns a Philly based apartment housing empire. His business is a proud provider of housing for many generations. But their social game was lacking. Facebook pages were controlled by individual employees, or were gathering dust, or worst yet, compromised by competitors. Working together with their team I helped them regain control of their social accounts, create and enforce employee protocols for social management, and for over five years I have assisted in monitoring over 25 social accounts. Now a sore thumb has become an engaging part of their business portfolio.

“Santa’s Clause” is a long and storied family business. They put on a light show that is second to none. While their Christmas destination was a shining beacon of holiday cheer their website was a burned out bulb. Designed with state of the art technology (10 years ago) they needed a fresh approach. PhillyTechGuy worked with the family to design a modern website that was informative and attractive and easy to navigate. Well, PhillyTechGuy may not be an elf, but Santa has been very pleased. Last year their website handled over 300,000 visitors.

Check back soon for more TRUE stories.