Whether you are a business start-up or an SMB with a large staff we can design a website to meet your needs and grow with you. We offer sustainable solutions.

Need a simple website to get started with the ability to add advanced functions, e-commerce, scheduling tools, and more later? We have you covered.


Business Friendly delivers Aha! momentsWe understand small business owners.

We know how to “speak geek” but we talk “biz” well too. We start by understanding your business processes. Then, and only then, do we attempt to fit technical solutions to your real world business needs. We know this sounds obvious, but for a lot of techies it is not.

That’s how we deliver “A-ha!” moments.

Meaty Content

PhillyTechGuy serves content with sizzle AND steak. Take a bite.

We serve up content with sizzle and steak.

The key to a great website is solid copy that simply and directly makes your point.

PhillyTechGuy understands how to create content that will yield the results you need. We will work closely with you to craft a message that will move site visitors to action.

Now go ahead. Take a bite.

Elegant Web Design

Elegant Web Design - PhillyTechGuy

Elegant design that lets your content shine.

Modern web design is clean, open, and allows your content to be the star of the show. PhillyTechGuy will help you design a website that puts the focus where it is needed. Once we accomplish that the rest is as easy as a day on the beach.

Grab a towel and enjoy the sun.

SEO Safari

womanonsafari-1800Is your web presence dangerously elusive?

We’ll take the mystery out of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We understand what Google wants and we will teach you how to give it to them. And It won’t cost you a fortune. PhillyTechGuy will teach you the benefits of native Search Engine Optimization, and how to successfully find customers, and make it easy for them to find you.

Getting Social

Social NetworkingAre you social butterfly or a caterpillar?

The nuances of social networking can be tedious and confusing. We will help you set up Facebook Pages, Instagram accounts, Twitter (X), etc. on an as needed basis. Then we will teach you how to maximize their effectiveness to get an edge on the competition and generate business and spread those wings!

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